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Quicksand - By Marilyn Randall

Quicksand is a poignant love story written in first person narrative about Natalie, an artist / author who recently lost her husband to cancer after a long and debilitating illness. As she tries to rebuild her life she meets Randy, a black man who is eleven years her junior and they fall deeply in love. This is a story of love, lust, passion and eventually anger and difficulties experienced due to the interracial factor, cultural differences and age difference. Ms. Randall uses her powerful poetry and prose throughout the book taking readers into the heart of the emotions Natalie experiences as she lives through this tumultuous time in her life. The reader is treated to an over the shoulder glimpse into the realties of life faced by an interracial couple in today's society. Prejudice and bigotry raise their ugly heads and overcoming these trials becomes the focus for this couple as their relationship continues to develop.

Quicksand is the first fiction novel to be written and published by Ms. Randall