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My Heart And Soul

My Heart And Soul - Brimming with rich emotion and deep sentiments, poet - author Marilyn Randall opens her heart and soul to share six decades of memories, thoughts, experiences and feelings. With energy pulsing and spirit soaring and her faith secure, she pens this powerful, compelling anthology. She takes us through her battle with alcoholism and subsequent recovery, she discloses the sexual abuse she experienced as a child. She shares her joys, heartaches of loss and her spiritual faith in this poetic memoir written to inspire those who have experienced similar experiences.

The following excerpts are a few bits and pieces she has chosen to share with us of writings which are found in her book:

Colorblind -

God made life and breath for us all, yet we have damaged part of what
He laid upon our hearts, without hatred.
We told God He wasn't good enough because our image,
Differently seen, is not the same color,
And so we can still worship what? God's mistake for naught?

I think I have journeyed down this path before.
That I saw the man ahead of me, beside me, and behind me.
And I know they didn't speak and find his heart, but I did.
And I loved it as God blessed it and me for the togetherness.
And I thank God I am colorblind,

Or I'd have missed him and who he is.
And so will they. And their loss will be so great....

Far beyond Forever -

Oh bother me of past with thoughts
And dreams that do not last
Of make-believe and fantasy
And visions of the past.

Try, oh heart, to stay here now
And clear my muddled head
From demons lying side beside me
On this lonely, restless bed.

If I am here, I cannot weep
For pleasured ghosts who moan and creep
And haunt my tainted life of past
And keep me from a restful sleep,.....

To Serve You Lord -

From deep within a silent sleep
A whispered voice proclaims of me
To follow

And lulls me gently through the vast
Remaining edges of twilight cast,
And listen


I hear thought from somewhere
Not unknown.

I feel.

And now I know...
An angel.
The word, my Lord, he whispered
And kept me safe through troubled nights.
The angel sent in deep of night
To guide the passage of my dreams....

Shadowland -

The Shadowland of wasted life
With souls cast into Hell,
Where I have been for most my life,
There in the drink I dwelled.

Shadowland, the land of dreams
That never quite come true.
And always myself within the shadow
Of the drinks I've paid in dues,...

To read the complete poems, please go to the store page where you can purchase the book My Heart And Soul today.